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  • Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    Fenghuang red rice wine profits from the workmanship handed down from ancestors. Good rice wine is dark green, fragrant and sweet. Red rice wine is rich in nourishment such as vitamin, glucose, amino acid and so on. Drinking red rice wine can give you a lift, whet the appetite, reinforce body fluid and benefit the kidney.On the basis of ingredients and brewing craftsmanship, rice wine can be divided into many kinds: yellow rice or millet wine, fine rice wine, etc. Generally speaking, rice wine is suitable for the young and the old for it contains rich nutrient. Besides, it is usually made in cold days and can be used as guiding drug as well as cooking wine. On account of it is family brewing mostly, different families own different skill and tact, red rice wine tastes distinctively. Sometimes, neighbors, relatives or friends are fond of sending red rice wine to each other. In wedding banquets, red rice wine also plays a indispensable role. When drinking, rice wine is served before white spirit.Translated by Becky
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  • Fenghuang Plangi

    Fenghuang Plangi

    As an ancient craft, dye used in Fenghuang Plangi is the same as batik. But plangi has much more vivid methods. Instead of adhering depends on wax, plangi uses strings to wrap part of the lining and this part will not be put in the dye. Other parts also form the same color as dye. Wrapped part has transition of color because of liquid’s soakage. It has no harm to human health since the dyeing adopts radix isatidis and other natural plant.Fenghuang Plangi has a long history. Its origin ha no way of researching and has no final verdict now. However, according to presume, This kind of dyeing craft appeared before Jiaxie due to its simple and convenient craft. The made-up articles are of primitive simplicity, which makes plangi a kind of boutique in Fenghuang folk arts and crafts.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajei Sealand Karp, Special Needlepoint of Tujia

    Zhangjiajei Sealand Karp, Special Needlepoint of Tujia

    In tujia language, “sealand” means the bed-clothes, and “karp” means a flower, so this phrase means the tujia’s bedclothes which decorates flowers.Sealand karp is a traditional arts and crafts of tujia people. It makes on the narrow soil loom machine tool, with the color such as blue, black, red, white cotton threads, and a variety of colors of silk, cotton, yarn. It has a straightforward feature, full structure, gorgeous colour, and unique artistic effect. It is the essence of tujia folk art. The pattern design is unique and vivid, which truly reflecting the unearthed family life, history, customs and habits, etc. People think it represent tujia’s love of nature and life. Sealand karp pays attention to the color contrast, emphasizes a colourful but not common, pure and fresh, lively and harmonious artistic effect, reflecting the wild, rugged, easygoing national character of tujia people.Translated by Sophia
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  • ZJJ Miao Embroidery

    ZJJ Miao Embroidery

    ZJJ Miao embroidery is made by five color lines. Its graphics are mainly from some basic rules of geometry, few designed by flowers and plants. The basic pattern of geometric, such as prismatic, spiral, cross, zigzag, etc. Miao embroidery is not used with papers, without drawing sketch. All are made by their natural understanding, proficient skills and special memory. With rich imagination, the entire layout, a separate local graphics clever combination, form a full embroidery, achieving the harmonious perfect situation, the generous beauty.Miao thousands of years, culture, civilization, inheritance and development are coming together in embroidered clothes. It involves a nation’s history, culture, craftsmanship, aesthetics, textile, planting, symbols, religious, social, economic,  and national multidisciplinary research. It has many aspects of value. Miao embroidery is listed as the first “intangible cultural heritage protection project” in our country.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Batik

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Batik

    As one of the traditional printing and dyeing crafts, Tujia batik mainly prevailed in Bouyei, Miao,Yao and Kelao Nationality in the past. After the formation of Zhangjiajie tourism, Tujia batik gradually becomes popular in the market.Tujia batik is usually used as decorations of clothes, blankets, bed sheets etc. Tujia people use wax to draw geometric patterns or flowers, birds, fishes on white cloth after the wax dips in wax liquid. Then, the cloth should be put in an indigo vat (mainly blue). Finally boiling it in water until the wax gets out of the cloth totally and the decorative patterns appear.Nowadays, Tujia batik is famous for its tautness, smooth lines, interesting decoration and distinct Tujia styles. When foreign visitors pay a visit to Zhangjiajie, they always show much interest on Tujia batik, so most of them buy it as a souvenir or collection.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Lobster Flower Tea

    Zhangjiajie Lobster Flower Tea

    ZJJ Lobster Flower Tea, produced in Wulingyuan ZJJ, is scientifically confected with Maojian Tea and Lobster Flower, a rare and famous flower named for lobster-like shape in ZJJ. It is characterized as follows: first, it is apricot yellow but bright and limpid and it tastes fragrant, sweet and refreshing. Second, it is characterized by rich amino acid and high quality. Third, lobster-like and lifelike shape makes the tea distinctive.It is not only characterized by its color, taste and shape, but also by its strict making process. No matter in picking or frying, every process is very careful and meticulous. Picking and making period is from April 4 to April 20 every year. What’s more, neither shoots with rain, dew on it nor amaranth shoots are not qualified. Frying is proceeded in 7 steps: kill out lobe cells, fry and rub, steam it in hot air, fry again, steam again, pick out unqualified tea leaves, and stove it in the end. High skills are required in making. Thus, it’s really not easy to get the end product.ZJJ Lobster teaZJJ Maojian TeaZJJ Lobster FlowerBy Brenda
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  • Zhangjiajie Root Carving

    Zhangjiajie Root Carving

    The development of root carving possesses a long history in China. This kind of art mainly spreads over Fujian province, Jiangsu province, Anhui province, etc. However, within Zhangjiajie City, one can also find some traces of root carvings. Obviously, continuous mountains, dense karst caves and brooky rivers breed high-quality raw materials for abundant root art. Root carving produced in Zhangjiajie stand out in the market for its unique aesthetic and artistic tastes. What’s more, it has also gained many national awards. Without doubt, it is an excellent collection for visitors coming to Zhangjiajie.Taking natural and distorted shapes of roots, (trunks, burls, and roots) as the creation object, artists can produce figures, animals, implements and other artistic images by means of meditation, conception, process and fabrication.When talking about the process of creating root carvings, we can say that most comes from its natural shape; only small part relies on manual handling and decorating. Hence, root carving is also called “the art of root”.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Amorous Bag

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Amorous Bag

    About zhangjiajie tourism, in the scenic spot or small handicraft store, we can often be visible to see all sorts of chic interesting tujia amorous bag.Zhangjiajie no heavy industry, there is a national handicraft factory in zhangjiajie city, which specialized producted and manufactured small adorned cloth art, thus winning the visitors′ love. These custom bags are made of cotton yarn, straw, bamboo or cane, with different style and size specification. The adornment of tujia amorous bag is also varied, its price is cheap. Most foreign visitors love to buy it as a souvenir.Translated by Sophia
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