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  • Phoenix Blue Print Cloth

    Phoenix Blue Print Cloth

    Fenghuang (Phoenix) Miao Autonomous County, located in the remote mountain area of Xiangxi (northwestern part of Hunan province), is noted for rustic folkway and rich products. A great number of visitors who have been attracted to this area always buy blue print cloth on departure.Boasting a long history, Fenghuang (Phoenix) Blue Print Cloth has a wide range and can be broadly classified into the following five types: traditional Stone dyeing, a kind of pattern printing frequently used to dye quilt covers and door curtains; orthodox discharge printing, a traditional printing art form, often used for dyeing traditional Chinese paintings; colored drawing batiks, skilled in alternation of colors; pad & dip dye, an integrated pad dyeing art form, mainly used to showcase traditional Miao culture; and modern pad dye, a kind of dip dyeing art.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Amorous Bag

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Amorous Bag

    About zhangjiajie tourism, in the scenic spot or small handicraft store, we can often be visible to see all sorts of chic interesting tujia amorous bag.Zhangjiajie no heavy industry, there is a national handicraft factory in zhangjiajie city, which specialized producted and manufactured small adorned cloth art, thus winning the visitors′ love. These custom bags are made of cotton yarn, straw, bamboo or cane, with different style and size specification. The adornment of tujia amorous bag is also varied, its price is cheap. Most foreign visitors love to buy it as a souvenir.Translated by Sophia
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  • A Cultural Collection--in Zhangjiajie

    A Cultural Collection--in Zhangjiajie

    Xibu is the Tu People's language also called Xilankapu--a exquisite and well-known brocade in Tu people's culture.Xibu Street borrows the name from this brocade stands for a places filled with joy and streets.Xibu Street locates in Wulinguan scenic area and leads to the core scenic spots of Wulingyuan .It enjoys a perfect location with Zhangjaijie Grand Theater in its east and Bao Feng Bridge west.Xibu Street is honored for the first  tourism and commercial pedestrian street in China ,which rolling water bar street ,famous and local snack street ,boutique street of folk goods in Western Hunan ,leisure hotels and idea workshop into one.It is about 30 miles from Xibu Street to Zhangjiajie downtown,40 miles to Zhangjiajie train station and  Lotus airport.Respectively,25 minutes and 30 minutes by taxi .Translated by Aileen
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  • Miao silver jewels handiwork skills

    Miao silver jewels handiwork skills

    Silver products in Miao culture has a long history,so do the silver jewels handwork skills.Silver jewels for Miao People,especially for female are of great importance. Usually, the silver jewels are characterized with great variety and refined workmanship. The handicraftsmen always absorbthe inspiration from women’s embroidery.A set of silver jewels is displayed in a shop in Fenghuang (phoenix) ancient townA handicraftsman wiredraws a silver piece in Fenghuang (phoenix) ancient town, central China’s Hunan Province on June 28. The Miao ethnic minority is well-known for their uniquely designed hand-made jewelry.Sourced from Aileen
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  • Zhangjiajie Specialty Products:Xiangxi Basket

    Zhangjiajie Specialty Products:Xiangxi Basket

    Zhangjiajie Specialty Products:Xiangxi basket is divided into several types according to function, each with a different name.1.Married girls, weave “laundry basket” for the dowry. A laundry basket is little and dainty, with exquisite strings and novel designs. It is a sign of her family, also shows the industrious hands of the bride.2.Picking corn turns to ” tall basket”. Its diameter is large ( up to 2 feet), with thin waist. The bottom is a square, overhead.3.Cutting firewood and pulling pigweed, belong to the “wood basket”. It has coarse belly, which could use to beat.4.There is “support basket” for a man to pick corn, by a pole to carry two 3 feet high and 1 feet long, diameter 2 inch strips basket together. The maize insertes tightly. When picking on shoulders, it can be easy to up and down high and steep cliffs.5.Wooden basket carried on the back, with a few sticks, stringing into a set of objects with empty frame to send pigs.6.The most special is the “water basket”. It has long waist hole, which weaved by leather. And it brushed by tung oil. It used to carry water from the mountain, canyon.Translated by Sophia
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  • Junsheng Sandstone Painting

    Junsheng Sandstone Painting

    Zhangjiajie Junsheng Art Institute Ancestors of Tujia nationality have lived on this quartz sandstone land for thousands of years and no one has ever expected that there is a son of Tujia people, who changes the sleeping sand in the water or on the mountains for over ten thousand years into a new type of world recognized art- sandstone painting. Entering Li Junsheng and enjoying his sandstone paintings, you will find that it is always the nature and soul with the fragrance of soil that is the most beautiful. Li Junsheng, born in 1963, grew up in a very poor peasant family and likes drawing particularly since childhood. At 17 years old, he dropped out school to herd cow for the rich people, then worked as a sewing worker and painter, which have laid a good foundation for his study on sandstone painting. In 1984, in order to realize his art dream, he ignored his family and friends strong opposition, took out all his savings and learned art at his own expense in the capital city Changsha. During the six-year studying period, to save the expensive cost of paint, he tried to use some cost-free materials to paint. One day, he found people like to spread color cobblestones on the wall when repairing houses and it's very pretty, which inspired his idea of painting with sandstone. At the beginning, the sandstone paintings he tried to draw were particularly simple in both design and color but can be sold out, and had been the main source of income in his six-year self-maintained school life, which is the origin of sandstone painting. When many reporters asked Li Junsheng about the legend of origin of sandstone painting, he always disappointed those who wanted to write stories. Li Junsheng's sandstone paintings break through the using of traditional painting materials and use nature materials by making use of the hue of natural plant creatively, are of great art and collection values. He said, An exquisite work of art is free from the shackles of materials and techniques, but depends on the artist's inspiration.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tortoise Figure Stone

    Zhangjiajie Tortoise Figure Stone

    The tortoise figure stone is the local special products in Mt. Tianzi of Zhangjiajie. It is the fossil of the coral aggregation. The stripe of the stone is very similar to the texture of the turtle shell. That is the reason of naming this fossil for tortoise figure stone. The stone just needs slightly polishing and then being put into water, its tortoise texture will present at once. The stone can be carved in to all kinds of carvings. There are stone tortoises, stone cows, stone horses, stone dragons, stone leopards, stone pandas, stone dogs, stone inkslabs, stone incense burners and so on. Carvings made from these figure stones are vivid in shapes. Some of them are useful daily tools.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tu Minority Brocade

    Zhangjiajie Tu Minority Brocade

    Tu Minority Brocade is also called Xilankap. It is a absolutely necessary item in Tu Minority daily lives. Tu Minority people can not live without the brocade. Tu Minority brocade can be made into clothes and décor. They are nice gifts among Tu Minority. It is now made into varied craftworks and is very popular among tourists. It is one of the best souvenirs in Zhangjiajie for shopping.
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