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Hunan Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone

Shopping 2013/04/30 View:1993

Chrysanthemum Stone, A unique handicraft of Liuyang,Hunanis cut and polished by chrysanthemum carving stone which formed 270 or 275 millions years ago. It is generally distributed among southern parts of China, such as Hunan, Jiangsu, and Guizhou. Among those, the one that bears most of the fame is Hunan Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone. Just as the real chrysanthemum, this stone also has a single, two and three stamens or without, which are similar to bamboo chrysanthemum, Longku chrysanthemums, Puye chrysanthemums, and Jinqian chrysanthemums. Based on these characteristics, craftsman sculpture and define those stone into throngs of Chrysanthemums with petals, leaves and branches, both vivid and lifelike.

In recent years, the craftsmanship of Chrysanthemum Stone has broken the old pattern of plane modeling and developed into three-dimensional and multi-layer type. And the image of legend character and historical figure has also been added into these arts, for instance, the work of Huangchao’s appreciation of Chrysanthemum and the heavenly maids scattering blossoms. Since the exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious design of Liuyang chrysanthemum carving stone, it was awarded the prize of Panama Pacific International Fair.

By Brenda