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  • Zhangjiajie Wildlife[Photo Gallery]

    Zhangjiajie Wildlife[Photo Gallery]

    1.Macaques2.Clouded leopard3.Black bear4.Wild boar5.Barking deer6.River deer7.Forest musk deer8.Otter9.Flying fox10.Pangolins11.Salamander12.Acutus13.Bungarus multicinctus14.Black snake15.Pheasant16.Bamboo chicken17.Quack chicken18.Golden Pheasant19.WoodpeckerTranslated by shuire
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  • Zhangjiajie Chinese Yew

    Zhangjiajie Chinese Yew

    Chinese yew in Zhangjiajie is a kind of precious plant with nearly 2,500,000 years history,which grew from the roots as old as dinosaurs. Moreover,Chinese yew possesses world-recognized anti-cancer function.The Chinese yew tree is bushy and grows in two ranks along the branch with an average height of 14 meters.When ripe,yew seeds are embraced by red shell.Each parts of Chinese yew are treasure.Its body,leaves, stems and roots as well as seeds have a high medicinal value and health value.By authoritative report,the oil extract from seeds containing a rare matter,which used for curing diabetes and cancer prevention.Besides the medicinal function,Chinese yew also has ornamental value for its shape and ever-green leaves.By Aileen
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  • ZJJ Animals Wild Boar

    ZJJ Animals Wild Boar

    Zhangjiajie wild boar, also is known as mountain pig, which belongs to animals. They distributed in the remote mountains of zhangjiajie. In recent years, due to hunting and the improvement of living environment, the population of wild boar gradually has been increased, and the wild boar has been listed as an endangered species in many countries.Wild boars are omnivorous, they can eat everything. Wild boars are very different from the common pigs in appearance, the growth speed is much slower than that of home pigs, the weight is lighter. As an adult boar, it has stubby limbs, long head long, small ears. Each foot has four toes, hard hooves, and short tail. The whole individual is brown or black, which is slightly different from area to area.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Quacking Chicken

    Zhangjiajie Quacking Chicken

    ZJJ Rock chicken, is also known as quacking chicken. Zhangjiajie forest park also has this chicken, chicken and rock chrysolophus are not the same. Its feather is general gray, its action is slow, appearing a little bulky. Rock chicken general lives in lofty mountains and steep hills, likes to eat wild fruit and insects. Rock chicken have a kind of special power, which is able to forecast the weather, knowing the rain in advance. Early in the morning, if we hear rock chicken shouting “ga ga” on the top of the mountain, and flying down, then one day it will rain. On the contrary, if see it flying into a mountain, and the weather will clear up.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Incisa Grass

    Zhangjiajie Incisa Grass

    Entering into the world natural heritage wulingyuan scenic spot, you can find a magical plant in YangJiaJie air corridor, which “recruiting bees” and “making friends with butterfly”. Thus attracting numerous tourists to watch. According to the nature reserve administration introduction, this magical plant is incisia grass, which belongs to Chinese special rare plants.In recent years, with YangJiaJie scenic resources investigation, it has found many new plants and spots. The increase of tourists in scenic spot, strengthenes management and the protection of their own resources. Incisa grass belongs to caryophyllaceae, lobels catchfly, mainly distributing in sichuan, within 1700 meters to 1820 meters of mountain slopes, with no artificial cultivation.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Yellow Sparrow Hawk in Jinbian Stream

    Zhangjiajie Yellow Sparrow Hawk in Jinbian Stream

    Zhangjiajie wildlife, yellow sparrow hawk, the figure is small and cunning. With sharp mouth and claw, quick action, skillful ability, it not only struggle for most animals, but also can fight with tiger. No matter in which peak, as long as the yellow sparrow hawks stay, many wild animals are scared.Yellow sparrow hawk acts very agilily. It can not only climbs bushes and trees, drills hole, also can climbs mountains, jumping up like a monkey. Its unique skills are two points: firstly, the collective action. Secondly, diging eyes to eat internal organs of the body.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie White Crown Long Tail Pheasants

    Zhangjiajie White Crown Long Tail Pheasants

    White crown long tail pheasants are our country′s special rare animals, which produced in the northern and central part of our country. They like to live in trees, lush forest shrub sparse environment.In the wulingyuan area,in the flowers blooming spring, their breeding season is coming, they come there with their lover. In the breeding process, a magnificent and beautiful male pheasant lives on hills, once found other male pheasant entry, groups of female immediately loudly salvoes many times, occasionally with euphemistical music like trill, rather harmonization. At the same time, the male pheasant will rise and fights, two males all will jump within two to three meters high, with mouth and claw to fight each other, until the other party is defeated. This is the “marriage” of waiting for female phenomenon. Every morning, the male pheasant often jitters wings to begin the beguine, with its free and easy beautiful posture, seeking hen pheasant’s love.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Animals-Red Belly Pheasant

    Zhangjiajie Animals-Red Belly Pheasant

    In the zhangjiajie scenic spot, there is a kind of “back water cock”. The red belly tragopan is a kind of rare birds. Its feather are gorgeous, the color is golden yellow, a water capsule is under the neck.Red belly tragopan usually likes to live in the lofty mountains and steep hills, only thirsty to drink water stream. In addition to drinking enough water, in the water sac will be in charge of 1 catty water. It puts on a bag of water, about 4 or 5 days. When used up, they come down to stream water, therefore, all the villagers call it “back water cock”,.Red belly tragopan, belongs to phasianidae,widely distributing in Tianzi mountain, SuoXiYu and other zhangjiajie mountains, is one of the wonders of scenic spot. When its water capsule with sufficient water, walking with a shake a put, beautifully and gorgeously, a clumsy beauty.Translated by Sophia
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