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Xiangxi Fenghuang Batik

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With a long history of its arts, pure, beautiful, ancient and plain, Fenghuang batik is an exquisite article in Fenghuang’s folk arts and crafts.Thanks to its bountiful patterns, elegant tue and unique style, batik is applied to making apparels and various living utilities. When looking a piece of batik, you feel its simplicity but no lack of freshness and pleasure to your eyes, especially with ethnic features. At the same time, as a folk art in the ancient time, batik has a history of over 1,000 years. Its unique ethnic style and bountiful national identity are poplar among tourists.

Currently, batik art is spreading in Fenghuang and you can see these refined crafts in high streets and back lanes. Moreover, it is one of craft that tourists must take home when come to Fenghuang. Designed according to real demand, batik can be produced into wall hanging, byobo, bedcover, table cover and clothe. All these finished products are unique with distinctive national style and strong ethnic flavor.

By Crystal