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ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting

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ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting is a kind of painting pasted on tri-ply wood. A wonder for making such a painting is that it never use commonly used painting material such as paper, oil painting, brush and ink, but sand, gravel, bark, root, leaves, branch, plant straw and rags.

The contents of Tujia Sticker Painting are usually about local ethnic people, Xiangxi scenery, auspicious animal and beautiful flower. It embodies rich ethnic culture, especially Tujia people, such as their daily lives, faiths, and customs.

ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting has achieved the national patent. With unique manual work and excellent craftsmanship, vivid and lifelike Tujia Sticker Painting has aroused more and more interest in people at home and abroad.

By Emma