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Western Charm Grand Theatre

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2017-5-23- 09:51
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Zhangjiajie Folk Custom-Western charm Grand Theatre, is a long history of theater in the Zhangjiajie Scenic Area.It was founded in March 2001, after eight years of development, has gradually become a world famous brand of cultural tourism.It can accommodate 1080 people in the performing arts field, located in Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie Scenic Area: World Natural Heritage and Geological Park, China's first national forest park.Show various forms of ethnic culture and folk customs of Zhangjiajie:Singing love songs and Wedding crying and The traditional Hand-waving Dance and Xiangxi ganshi and Zhangjiajie Hard Qigong and so on.Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website,Avatar Toptour-English Website in China7{5a$Po{DR0p

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