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Zhangjiajie glass bridge guidance advice during peak season

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There are two points:

1.The first is located in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, It is the real Zhangjiajie glass bridge.It is building between Lishuya and Wuwangpo of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.It is a landscape bridge, but also the scenic pedestrian traffic, tours, bungee jumping, Liusuo, T station, and other functions.Zhangjiajie glass bridge main span of 430 meters, 375 meters long bridge, 6 meters wide, height of about 300 meters. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon entrance fee is CNY118,Glass bridge fee is not included in Zhangjiajie grand canyon's total ticket, if you choose walking on glass bridge, you will pay an additional fee CNY138.

2.The second is located in Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountain, Its precise definition is Glass plank.It is located in Tianmen Peak west line, 60 meters long, 1.6 meters wide, the highest elevation of about 1,430 meters.It is part of the attraction of Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountain guigu plank, It is also a high-altitude glass gazebo of Tianmen Mountain.The entrence is included in Tianmenshan total ticket, if you choose walking on glass plank, but you must pay a shoe's CNY5.

Please note:

During peak season(march-november),Especially holidays,it is necessary to have a reservation for 2 days in advance and Booking the specific time.Because there are restrictions on the number of tourists.Also we can help you booking for Glass bridge and Tianmenshan glass plank,English-speaking guide service and rental car & bus service,Tailor-made for avatar tour,we will do all to make you an easy trip in Zhangjiajie.

Visitors Precautions:

1.Inclement weather, Glass bridge may have to close.

2.In addition to wallet and moblie phone, anything should not be put on glass bridge.

3.Have heart disease, High blood pressure, Fear of heights, Drunkenness or Body unfit Tourists, please do not on the bridge.

4.Tourists are not allowed to wear high heels on glass bridge.

5.Not allowed to chase, slapstick, throwing debris on glass bridge.Not be leaning on the bridge railing, to prevent accidents.

  • Zhangjiajie to Yichang transportation recommendation

    Zhangjiajie to Yichang transportation recommendation

    Firstly,you can make a choice for train,Hard-sleep ticket cost is about CNY100/PP,there are three train each day as follow:K1262 ZJJ-Yichang(E) 05:58-11:10   5H12mK1474 ZJJ-Yichang(E) 09:05-14:18   5H13mK188 ZJJ-Yichang(E) 16:10-21:12   5H02mSecondly,you can make a choice for rentaling car service,it is about 290km-390km dirve,we recommend the following route:A route:Zhangjiajie-Changde-Yichang(It is about 390km,Whole highway)B route:Zhangjiajie-Cili-Shimen-Lixian-Jinshi-Yichang(It is about 290km,Part of the highway) We wholeheartedly offer car rentaling service and train ticket service,We will make your journey hassle-free.E-mail
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  • Zhangjiajie tianmenshan's Mountain Elevator

    Zhangjiajie tianmenshan's Mountain Elevator

    This elevator runs throughout the mountain tunnel. From the bottom of Tianmen hole, can directly reach the Peak. The elevator, A total of 12 segments; length of 897 meters; the height of 340 meters; total span of 692 meters.It consists of 16 stations(30m large overloaded motor) and 3 stations(20m large overloaded motor). Transmission capacity is about 3,600 people/hour(Single-way)
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  • How do I fly to Zhangjiajie?

    How do I fly to Zhangjiajie?

    There are regular flights to Zhangjiajie from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenyang,and Changsha. You can also take the train to Zhangjiajie from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanling, Liuzhou, and Changsha. A bus is available from Changsha.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tour Car & Coach Rental

    Zhangjiajie Tour Car & Coach Rental

    Zhangjiajie(XZL)International Travel Service, locating in Zhangjiajie city, is authorized by China National Tourism Administration carrying out international tour operations (Lisence No: L-HN-GJ00024).We are dedicated to provide visitors for good transport service,for example:Picking up service,Tourist Taxi service,Tourist Bus service and so on.Look forward to your visiting, we will do all to make you an easy trip in our city,and surely make your holiday wonderful with our dedication, commitment and integrity.
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  • How do i get to Zhangjiajie from Yichang?

    How do i get to Zhangjiajie from Yichang?

    You could take train from Yichang to Zhangjiajie. The train departs at 00:25, 01:59 and 13:25. It takes about 4-5 hours.
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  • How to Guilin from Changsha(Zhangjiajie) by high-rail train

    How to Guilin from Changsha(Zhangjiajie) by high-rail train

    A distance of about 330 km from Changsha to Zhangjiajie,About 4 hours Highway time.It is about 330 km from Changsha city to Zhangjiajie City.It is about 380 km from Changsha Airport to Zhangjiajie City.About 5-6 hours by train.
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  • My Unforgettable Trip in Tianmen Mountain

    My Unforgettable Trip in Tianmen Mountain

    Though time past.the journey to ZJJ Tianmen Mount was still vivid in my mind.It took us about 10 minutes from the central Zhangjiajie city to Tianmen Mount Spot by taxi that day. The driver also mentioned it only 15 minutes from Zhangjiajie water-lily airport or train station to there.
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  • Zhangjiajie Transportation Overview

    Zhangjiajie Transportation Overview

    By RailwayZhangjiajie railway station is 5 kilometers from the city proper, just opposite the bus station No.6, No.7 buses service the railway station and it will take you about 15 minutes to travel downtown with a fee of 2RMB per person.To date Zhangjiajie's rail network has been linked to several large and medium cities in the country. Trains travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and so on. By AirlineThe Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport is located in the lotus village in the Yong Ding Region 5 kilometers from downtown Zhangjiajie. There is No.4 bus going from downtown to the airport.At present, Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport has opened several air routes to the large and medium cities in China, such as Changsha, Guangzhou,Shenzhen, Shanghai,Chengdu,Nanjing, Xian,Qingdao,and Beijing. Visitors should check the local number for flights before purchasing tickets. By HighwayZhangjiajie long-distance station provides long-distance buses to the surrounding scenic spots and suburbs. Many buses arrive at long-distance station. Every 5 minutes there will be a bus going from city proper to Wulingyuan, which is about one hour's drive, costing 12 RBM per person; There is a special tour bus going from city proper to River Mengdong every morning in peak season, which is about 2 hour's drive, costing  about 240 RBM per person;The express way from Zhangjiajie to Chengde was opened in December 26, 2006. With the opening of Chang-Zhang Express way, it takes less than 4hours to travel from Changsha to Zhangjiajie, and it takes about 8 hours to travel from the Zhu-triangle to Zhangjiajie. By BusThere are 10 bus routes in Zhangjiajie city now. The average fee for the bus is either 1 or 2RMB per trip. These bus routes cover most parts of the city proper.
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  • Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

    Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

    China high-speed railway:Wuhan-Xianning-Chib-Yueyang-Changsha-Zhuzhou-Hengyang-Shaoguan-Huadu-Guangzhou
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  • Opening of fast train from Changsha to Zhangjiajie

    Opening of fast train from Changsha to Zhangjiajie

    Train timetable of T8308/8309 from Changsha- Zhangjiajie-Jishou(fenghuang). updated: Apr1, 2011.Train timetable of T8307/8310 from Jishou(fenghuang)-Zhangjiajie-Changsha. updated: Apr1, 2011.
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