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Zhangjiajie tour shuttle bus questions

HOT FAQ 2015/02/10 View:15883

I found your contact in the internet regarding bus ticket reservation in Zhangjiajie. I have some questions regarding the transfer from Zhangjiajie City to Zhangjiajie Park.

We want to visit the Park beginning of April. We stay over night in Zhangjiajie City and want to take the bus to the Park and back from the Park. I read that there is a shuttle bus available every 10 min.

1、Does the shuttle bus starts at Center Bus Station in Guan Li Ping Street in Zhangjiajie?

Answer:Yes,Zhangjiajie Center Bus Station is located in Guan Li Ping Street of Zhangjiajie city.

2、Must I book the bus tickets in advance or can we directly by the tickets in the morning in the bus or at the ticket window?

Answer:You can easy get the shuttle bus ticket by yourself, No booking in advance.

3、Which bus must we take to come to Entrance A and which to come to entrance B of the Zhangjiajie Park?

Answer:You can take the shuttle bus for Entrance A-Zhangjiajie National Forest Park(Chinese:张家界国家森林公园),Also you can take the shuttle bus for Entrance B-Wulingyuan area(Chinese:武陵源)

4、Is there a bus-stop directly at the park entrance A and B? Or how fare is it to the entrance to walk?

Answer:This bus is public service city bus between Zhangjiajie city and scenic spots,It not only serves the tourists, but also to serve the public in will spend 2 minutes walking to entrance A from end station,and you will spend 5 minutes taxi to entrance B from end station.Pls note:Inside scenic bus is a special shuttle tourist bus.

5、When starts the first bus in Zhangjiajie?

Answer:In the morning 07:00am,the first bus starts from Zhangjiajie Center Bus Station.

6、When starts the last bus back from Park to City?

Answer:In the afternoon 18:00pm,the last bus starts to Zhangjiajie Center Bus Station.