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A Bite of Zhangjiajie-Tujia Fried Bee Pupa

HOT Food 2012/08/14 View:17430

Have you ever seen the propaganda film-A Bite of China? Then, are you interested in these appetizing foods? If you want to have a taste of these foods, you may come to Xiang Xi, where numerous special and palatable dishes meet all your flavors. Here, I would like to recommend you one type of dish -Tu Jia Fried Bee Pupa.

Bee pupa, containing protein and low fat, is a kind of relish eaten when you have meal with your drinks. The main ingredient is the pupas of Hu bee (a kind of bee), especially Vespa mandarinia (the name of a kind of bee). Before cooking, you have to take out the pupa from honeycomb and then remove impurities washing it with clean water and filtering it. After that, put these pupas into a pot with boiling edible oil. When the they are fried with golden yellow smelling a scent of a faintly comfortable fragrance, add some salt, green pepper, garlic and so on according to your flavor. Finally, you can have a taste. Having eaten a bit, it tastes crisp and then deeply the tender meat of the pupa excites your tongue then mobilizes all over your body with a full of tasty and refreshing scent flooding your mouth.

When you come to zhang Jiajie, don not miss the Tu Jia fried bee pupa and you will harvest a big surprise on it.

By Crystal

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