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Misty Rain Zhangjiajie SHOW

Performance 2016/08/09 View:2698

MISTY RAIN ZHANGJIAJIE is planned by the world phoenix media company. It is the representative work of Huanglong cave scenic area to enhance the connotation of cultural tourism products. For Wulingyuan district in recent years, it is one of the growing tourism performing products. Song and dance drama in Zhangjiajie ecological culture, through modern sound and light technology, tells the story of touching and moving love story between young men and women, favored by the masses of tourists.

MISTY RAIN ZHANGJIAJIE is the first 3D visual culture “DRAMA”. This play is about 80 minutes. The program with the modern sound, light, electricity, science and technology, through choreographed dance, It tells the story of ancient times in the misty rain, Tujia handsome boy has rushed beautiful girl. What a beautiful and moving love story! A new Zhangjiajie long unique folk culture display, presents a most beautiful audio-visual feast for the audiences.

Adress:Huanglong cave,Wulingyuan

Staging venue: Huanglongdong Hallelujah Concert Hall

Staging Time: 19:50-21:20 (Beijing time)

Ticket price:198rmb

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