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Zhangjiajie Chinese Yew

Flora & Fauna 2013/05/14 View:2957

Chinese yew in Zhangjiajie is a kind of precious plant with nearly 2,500,000 years history,which grew from the roots as old as dinosaurs. Moreover,Chinese yew possesses world-recognized anti-cancer function.

The Chinese yew tree is bushy and grows in two ranks along the branch with an average height of 14 meters.When ripe,yew seeds are embraced by red shell.

Each parts of Chinese yew are treasure.Its body,leaves, stems and roots as well as seeds have a high medicinal value and health value.By authoritative report,the oil extract from seeds containing a rare matter,which used for curing diabetes and cancer prevention.

Besides the medicinal function,Chinese yew also has ornamental value for its shape and ever-green leaves.

By Aileen