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Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

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There are three major specialties in Fenghuang,Hunan: Ginger candy, silver-ware and rice wine, of which the two former can be purchased in many places across the country, but the last one that made by Fenghuang people themselves with rice can not be reproduced.

Among Fenghuang rice wines, the best is absolutely Fenghuang red rice wine in terms of taste. Made by ancestral process and secret prescription and utterly used rice, this red rice wine is mellow, velvety but not heavy drunken, rough and mouth-drying.

While among a serials of red rice wine, glutinous rice wine ranks the best. Proceed from its name, sticky rice is the main ingredient in glutinous rice wine, adding red date, candied date, Barbary wolfberry fruit, and Codonopsis pilosula and other rice ingredients. Adopted ancestral process, the red rice wine is made after three to five days. It has the functions of enriching yin and nourishing kidney and keeping fitness, with dark green color, fragrance and sweet mouthful. Moreover, it has no side-effects and is the fine nutriment.

Friends who come to Fenghuang for visit can take a bottle of red rice wine. It can not only keep blood flowing and healthy , but also can call up elder’s memories of the past.

Translated by Crystal