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The love of Koreans for their parents is in Zhangjiajie

News 2024/02/28 View:655


On the 26th, the news that “Number of South Korean Tourists Visiting China surges by 900%” became a hot topic on the internet. When it comes to South Korean tourists visiting China, one cannot help but mention Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province. Over the years, Zhangjiajie has become the top destination for South Korean tourists visiting China.


Local government figures show that overseas tourists made 687,400 trips to Zhangjiajie last year, with more than 280,000 made by tourists from South Korea, accounting for 41% of the total reception.


Korean people have always harbored a primal reverence for mountains, and Zhangjiajie’s renowned natural landscapes such as the otherworldly Tianmen Mountain, the thrilling Guigu Plank Road, and the enchanting Huanglong Cave, which make visitors feel as if they are stepping into a mythical world, undoubtedly captivate the hearts of Korean tourists.


Nowadays, the way Korean tourists visit Zhangjiajie is gradually shifting from “silver-haired tourism” to “family tourism.” “Being filial to parents, take them to Zhangjiajie” has become the consensus of many Korean people, highlighting their love for this beautiful land.

Source from rednet