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  • Fenghuang Tuojiang River

    Fenghuang Tuojiang River

    Xiangxi Tuojiang River is the mother river of the Ancient Phoenix City. Flowing around the ancient city wall of Fenghuang town, Tuojiang River reflects the Tu minority buildings along it. These hundreds of years’buildings add more colors to Tuojiang River. As you go downstream through the Rainbow Bridge, A picture of water town will spread in front of you: The Wanshou Palace, The Wanming Tower, The Duocui Building, And so on and so forth.Ancient City Wall is located along the south bank, built with the red bricks in an elegant and great atmosphere. Tu ethnic buildings along the Tuojiang River form a unlimited picture which is describe the traditional southern water town in China.Tuojiang River was muddy brown since it was raining at that time, but on a perfectly clear day it was said to be emerald green, reflecting the mountain scape in which the town is at the foot. Much of the structures like the walls, temples, bridges, wells, stone steps and stilt houses remain their old structures and styles ranging back to Ming and Qing Dynasties.Translated by Sophia
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  • Fenghuang National Geopark

    Fenghuang National Geopark

    In September 19th, 2005, Hunan fenghuang national geopark formally was approved by the state, with a total area of 157 square kilometers. It is a karst canyon. Caves, waterfalls and structural feature were given priority to geological relic landscape. The natural ecology and human landscape is complementary, integrating scientific value and aesthetic value in one large-scale comprehensive national geological park.Translated by Sophia
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  • Fenghuang Jian-Duoduo Waterfall

    Fenghuang Jian-Duoduo Waterfall

    Jian-Duoduo Waterfall, As one of the highest waterfall, located in Hepai Village, Liubo County, Fenghuang Town in Western Hunan. The waterfall head is as high as 236m and is even 5m higher than the famous Jishou Dehang Waterfall.Around the waterfall is hugged by mountains and hills. Gorges and ditches hide inside mountains. Every time comes the season of heavy rain, water cascades down from towering cliff with thundering sound, just like a huge dragon roared out from cave. It’s really of splendid beauty. When comes to the season of fewer rain, water elegantly flows down, just like a fairy lady is flying down and unveiling her fine gauze. It’s a really beautiful picture.By Patricia
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  • Ecological Chenbu Charming Miao Village

    Ecological Chenbu Charming Miao Village

    “Dan kou-Chang’an Camp-Nan Shan-Ryanggang Valley is called the most beautiful travel route in Hunan”. From August 30 to 31, the report team of the 4th China hunan tourism industry expo“Hunan County Tourism New Discovery”comes to Chenbu. Gao yangxian, the deputy director general of Hunan tourism sector leads 10 media to here for reporting mainly on the new discoveries and exploring new resources in Chenbu.New Discovery–Leaf Song Blowing and Oil-TeaThere is a folk cultural celebity in Xinlipi, Dan kou county, Chenbu–Yang guang qing. He is called “The Number One Leaf Song Blowing in River south”. The wonderful sound of the leaf is sent out by the resonance from lip airflow and leaf. As how to pich up the leaf, it is better to choose those that are not too tough and too tender, not too thick and too thin, without sawtooth and wormtrail.Liu renxiu is the representative heritator of oil-tea custom in Chenbu. Every woman in Chenbu knows how to make oil-tea, but none of them has this honor as Mr.Liu. In the past decades, making oil-tea has become a daily necessity as well as a life style, which attracts more self-driving tourists and backpackers.New Discovery–“The most beautiful village in Hunan-Tachai”Locayed in the southwest of the county, Chang’an camp is the main settlement for Chenbu Dong people. Due to its far distance, it remians its unique beauty and mystery and is honored “ Hunan’s Shangri-La”, becoming a new business card for tourism in Chenbu.There grows the biggest cedar across China along the riverside of Tachai village with a long history of 1,600 years. Strolling around the tree, you feel harmonious beauty in rivers and mountains.New Discovery–“The largest apl moss in South China-Nan Shan prairie”Situated in the top mountain, Nan Shan is the largest apl moss in south China as well as the optimum wind power plant in south China. Around Zi yang peak of Nan shan, there are rolling grassy hills, waving their green surges to the farest. When you stand in here, you may have the feel that you were in the North prarie.Self-driving route(From Changsha to Chenbu): Xiangtan·Shaoyang Expressway–Shaoyang·Huaihua Expressway-S220-S219.By Crystal
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  • Fenghuang Qiliang Cave

    Fenghuang Qiliang Cave

    Qiliang Cave is the first batch of standard scenic spots in Fenghuang ancient city. It is located in the northern part of Fenghuang County and is 4 kilometers’ away from Fenghuang ancient city. Qiliang Cave is a typical carbonate cave. The overall length of this cave is more than 6000 meters. There are mainly 5 scenic regions in Fenghuang Qiliang Cave.Old battlefield. It is in the most front part of Qiliang Cave. Some relics left by insurrectionary army many years ago are still there.Dragon King’s Palace. Jagged rocks of grotesque shapes can be seen here and there. Colorful lights make those rocks seem gorgeous.Paradise. Over there, too many beautiful and extraordinary things are presented, which are more than just words.Ten-mile gallery. Ancient trees tower to the sky. Double-boiled hasma with snow pear can also be seen there. One more surprising thing, there are 7 precipices which can create 7 different musical notes.Yinyang River. The most mysterious part in Qiliang Cave. There are bats lying in the top of the cave.All in all, Qiliang Cave combines waterfalls with special caves and stones. Various peristeles, stalagmites, stalactittes create an incomparable unique picture.Translated by Becky
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  • Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley

    Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley

    Lingzhi is called lucid ganoderma in English. Lingzhi Valley scenic spot is famous for the stalactites formed there that look like lucid ganoderma.Lingzhi Valley is located in Wugang Village, Luochaojin Town, the western part of Fenghuang County. It is 30 kilometers away from Fenghuang County. By the way to Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley, you can see famous southern great wall, Huangsi Bridge ancient city. So the traffic there is really convenient.Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley combines folk customs, natural sceneries with karst caves, which makes it original, unique landscape in western Hunan. Over there, water and mountains are commonly seen. Generally speaking, it is also a natural air anion bar. At the foot of the hill, Niaochao River flows around the mountain. Ancient plank roads wind along the mountain ridges. In the mountains, water curtains made by springs make it look special. Within the caves, stalactites are in different poses. At the summit the mountains, Five Finger Mountain stands straightly. Ancient Miao villages can lead you to appreciate the cooking culture of Miao Nationality.For you, the beautiful sceneries have kept waiting for thousands of years.Translated by Becky
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  • Huangsiqiao Ancient Town

    Huangsiqiao Ancient Town

    Huangsiqiao Ancient Town, means Huang family Silk Bridge, named as: in ancient time, Huang’s family a worker produce the better silk with reasonable price, and earned over many years, then he built a bridge over the river to combine the 2 banks so that the Miao people could easily to the town and buy silk, and also the bridge increased the exchange and contact between the Han and Miao people, so the Miao people named the town as Huangsiqiao. The town over 600 meters in circumference with gate towers to the east, west and north, about 100 families live in this old town with several old tilted houses.Huangsiqiao Ancient Town is 24km away in the west side of Fenghuang Ancient City. It was originally called Weiyang City with a history of more than 1,300 years which was built in 686.In nowadays, the booming tourism in Huangsiqiao Ancient Town makes most residents move out from here. And according to the city development plan, this ancient stone city will turn into a scenic spot without local residents there. It is helpful for Fenghuang’s economy, while it is a pity that visitors could not experience the original local lifestyle here.Translated by Sophia
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  • Xiangxi Furong Town Waterfall

    Xiangxi Furong Town Waterfall

    Hurong Town locates in the western part of Hunan, China. It has beutiful natural sights as well as rich ethinic folk culture. Below is a few pictures of Furong Town waterfall. This attraction is one of the most beautiful charming place there.Accroeding to the pictures, You can see both unique ethinic woolden bulidings, Diaojiao house and specatucular waterfall.It combines natural scenery with cultural sights, just like a picturesque painting. No one can deny that it is not a good place which is worth visiting. Why not come here to enjoy a cool refreshing summer?Written by Zumi
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