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  • The six old mysteries of Tianmenshan Mountain

    The six old mysteries of Tianmenshan Mountain

    Tianmenshan Mountain,is always reputed as the first holy mountain in Wes-tern Hunan Province.In thousand and hundred years.the appearance of the six unsovable riddles-“the opening of tianmenshan cave,the turbulent water of tianmenshan,the turning of tianmen cave,the buried treasure by yehu(an ancient general),the picture of guigu-an ancient religious master,and the auspicious unicorn”-which adds to the mysterious,spiritual and celestial atmosphere to the place.天門洞開之謎 Tianmen cave,the masterpiece of the nature,is embedded in the precipitous cliff like a shining mirror.It is also like an opening Heaven Gate absorbing and lightning.It is full of celestial palaces mysteries.The exact origin of the cave is still lacking convincing scientific explanation.天門翻水之謎 On the left cliff of EL.1500m Tianmen Cave,appeared wonders of roaring floods in the seasons of serious drought. Followed are the sudden breakout of social reforms,human holocaust and natural disasters of china.Are these the warnings of the nature?鬼谷顯影之謎  A brave explorer daring into the ghost valley once occasionally took a picture of the side head of the revered ancient master Guigu on the stone wall of the cave.Yet years later,many retaking of pictures there yield nothing the same.Is this one-time picture of Guigu a coincidence or is it an arrangement by the God on purpose?天門瑞獸之謎  According to the records,once some one by chance saw unicorns in the primitive forests at Tianmen.The animal resembles the picture of an ancient Chinese auspicious animal very much.The animal is tiger-shaped, red all over the body with a single arch cornu in the middle of head.It disappears quickly when there is some one near it.野拂藏寶之謎 Yefu,i.e.LiGuo,the senior general of Li Zicheng,gained the Buddhist name Yefu after became a Buddhist disciple.It is well known that Li Zicheng retreated from Beijing in defeat and snatched away the gold,sliver and other treasures from the national treasury for the intended second uprising,while Yefu came to Tianmen Mountain surely for the purpose of burying the treasures.For hundreds of years,numerous people came here to find the treasures but none of them succeeded.Where on earth are these treasures is still a mystery.天門轉向之謎 About seventy or eighty years ago,standing at the south pier by the riverside in Zhangjiajie city ,one can see clearly the grand and wonderful Tianmen Cave.However,today in the same place one can only see the mountain rather than the cave;and if one wants to see the wonder,he has to go to Dayongqiao Park four kilometers away.Is this really because of the slow and secret turning of Tianmen Cave from north to northwest direction? 
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  • Yuanjia ancient village

    Yuanjia ancient village

    Yuanjia ancient village is located in Wulingyuan center view-Yuanjiajie attractions.Here you can easily find the Avatar and Hallelujah Mountain.In this ancient village, you can fully understand the ancient Tujia people\'s life,Culture and Folklore.It shows the Tujia minority breeding history, living habits, living things, and so the Tujia men and women use of odd shape weapon of self-defense.In Yuanjiajie towering cliff, inhabited by a Tujia people.Because of the natural environment of malignant transformation,This ancient village lost contact with the outside world for hundreds of years.Today the village people\'s life remains a hundred years ago.Now more and more visitors came here and looking for the story of Tujia people. 
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  • Tianmenshan Heaven-Linking Avenue

    Tianmenshan Heaven-Linking Avenue

    Heaven-Linking Avenue has 99 turns symbolizing that the Heaven has nine palaces.the avenue runs upward with the postture of the mountain like the soarings of great dragon and also hangs like a jade belt with zigzag turns circling the hills. It is worth the titlewonder of highway in the world. Through Heaven-linking Avenue,one reaches directly the Tianti-celestial ladder. The grand celestial-like scene came into view.
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  • Tianmenshan Forest sightseeing cable car

    Tianmenshan Forest sightseeing cable car

    In order that tourists may enjoy the scenery on the summit at a higher angle and with a broader vision and numerous Buddhists may reach Tian Men Mountain Temple in the north of the summit faster with ease, Tian Men Mountain scenic area has built a summit sightseeing hanging chair cableway starting from Yunmeng Fairy Summit and ending at the Cherry Bay with a whole length of 800 m. Both the design of the car and adjustment speed render the tourists with full time and space for touring the summit and one feels as if he is walking on the garden in the air with absolute satisfaction.
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  • Tianmenshan Garden in the air

    Tianmenshan Garden in the air

    Tianmen Mountain  is an integrated synclinal geological unit which has the landform of middle-mountain karst platform with peak groups and canyons. The top of  Tianmen mountain is a cliff sight of karst platform. The karst hillocks and karrens spread wildly to form wonders of stone forests in the air. Moreover, with moss spreading all over the ground, wild vines twining and twisting, what come into sight are natural bonsais like grand gardens which were as if created by the immortals. The tourists can relish the natural wonders and feel the miracles of the Creator to their hearts\' content.  
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  • Tianmen Mountain Cableway

    Tianmen Mountain Cableway

    Tianmen Mountain Cableway, the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world, has 98 cars and 57 brackets altogether (including 3 rescuing brackets), all of which are original imported facilities from POMA, the French corporation. The cableway has a total length of 7455 meters and a height gap of 1279 meters. It is one of the few cable cars within China with a height gap over 1000 meters. The local gradient from the middle station to the upper station is as high as 37 degrees, which is rare in the world. It is the cableway with the largest local gradient as well as one with most brackets in China.  
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  • Zhangjiajie Cili grand canyon

    Zhangjiajie Cili grand canyon

    Zhangjiajie grand canyon is new discovery outside Zhangjiajie National Park,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon situated in Sanguansi, cili county Zhangjiajie city, 10 km east to Wulingyuan world natural heritage site, which is a new discovery of scenic site.  When driving close to the entrance a expanse of bamboo disappear, you find a deeply lower Valley with cutting-edge cliffs.a hill path cutting through narrow crevice leads vertically to the bottom of the valley, the area is about 60 square km.
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  • Fenghuang Stilt House

    Fenghuang Stilt House

    The stilt house (Diaojiao House), a kind of folk residence built on the stilts of different heights, is usually built beside the river or in steep mountain areas. The stilt house is usually divided into two parts, the front part and the rear part. The front part is a storied building built on the ground and similar to the fence-style building, while the rear part is a bungalow. In front of the house is a corridor formed by wood balusters with a height of about 1 meter. Suspended windows were equipped in some houses for rest and enjoying cool. Sundries can be stored under the floor, and, by this, the space is utilized smartly. The space of the stilt house is arranged facilely in various shapes. The shortage of construction land is relatively relieved, for the stilt house makes use of the hillside or river, which is originally not suitable for building houses. Furthermore, it has the advantages of aeration, moisture-proof, viper defense, and wild animal defense.The west area of Hunan Province of China is a mountainous area in which many ethnic groups live, including Han, Tujia, Miao, Hui, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, etc. In this area, the chain of mountains runs up and down, rivers densely distributed, and trees abundant. The unique geographic environment, together with the condition that many ethnic groups live here, has given birth to the Xiangxi (the west area of Hunan Province) stilt house which is unique, elegant, close to rivers and mountains, and abundant in trees.The integration of cultures of various ethnic groups has endowed the Xiangxi stilt house with rich and diversified cultural connotations. For example, the stilt house of Tujia ethnic minority embodies the universal view of the coexistence of human and God. And the Dong people like to beautify the environment through such measures as carving the chapiters of the house into bamboo shape, and carving flower patterns on the banisters of the corridor. Moreover, the stilt houses of other ethnic minorities have their own distinctive features.
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