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4N5D Discovery tour for Western Hunan's Ancient Culture

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Tour Duration: 4nights and 5days.

Tour Description: Relax from your work, as well as taking you to explore the culture of the ethnic group. Professional guiding service bring you a pleasant trip in china.

Day 1Arrive in Fenghuang Ancient Town

Check in a hotel, take a casual walk in the street of Fenghuang ancient town, experience colorful night life and stay overnight in Fenghuang.

Accommodation: Fenghuang town Hotel

Day 2Fenghuang ancient city

After breakfast visit famous places of interest in Fenghuang, and take boat tour in Tuojiang river.

In a round the clock siege from Chinese tourist- the Taiping of the modern age- this fascinating riverside town of ancient city walls and gate towers, houses on the stilts overlooking the river and hoary temples dotted about the old town can easily fill a couple of days. Home of a lively population of the Miao and Tujia minorities, Strolling willy-nilly is the best way to see Fenghuang. Many of the back alleys in the old town maintain an intriguing charm, a treasure trove of old family pharmacists, traditional shops, temples, ancestral halls and crumbling dwellings. Restored fragments of the city wall lie along the south bank of the Tuo River in the old town and a few dilapidated chunks survive elsewhere.Main attractions are the famous writer – Shen congwen old house, pirme minister -Xiongxiling old house,Tuojiang river boat tour, Wanshougong –artist house, Hongqiao bridge art house,stay overnight in Fenghuang.

Accommodation: Fenghuang town Hotel

Day 3Fenghuang-South great wall-Huangsiqiao ancient town-Miao people king town.

After breakfast drive 30 minutes to China south great wall to marvel at its magnificence,visit will be 1.5 hours, visit Huangsiqiao ancient town of Tang dynasty 1300 years ago, the visit will be 2 hours,and visit Miao people king town.that will be 2 hours, in late afternoon drive back to Fenghuang.South China great wall locates in Xiangxi Tujia & Miao people autonomous prefecture, it become famous because it is only military defence wall in south China, it spans 190km long over the mountain ridge, it start in Fenghuang county, span most part in Fenghuang and end in Tingzi pass Guizhou was built in Ming dynasty with the investment of central government to seperate Miao people,it was dicovered in year 2000 after many year of isolation, Huangsi bridge ancient town originated in Tang dynasty(686 AD)as a county government location, all buildings is made up of grey stone, with an area of 2900 squ km, the ancient city wall span 686 meters long, 5.6 meters high, 2.9 meters thick, it revolved earth brick to stone town from Tang, song, yuan, ming, qing dynasty, overlooking surrounding peacefull rural landscape from top of ancient town wall, who can imagine it was important military stronghold, and pass connecting Hunan and Yunnan and Guizhou province, and bloody war took place here before,nowadays local people live here keep their traditional life style.It is best preserved ancient town site in China.

Accommodation: Fenghuang town Hotel

Day 4Dehang miao village-Qianzhou ancient town

Drive 2 hours to Dehang miao village,marvel at the world highest and longest tunnel to tunnel suspension bridge at aizhai, the village tour will be 5-6 hours.In a seductive riverine setting overlooked by towering, other-worldly karst peaks, the Miao hamlet of Dehang to the northwest of Jishou in western Hunan province offers a tantalizing spectrum of treks into picturesque countryside. Rising into columns, splinters and huge foreheads of stone, the local karst geology climbs over verdant valleys layered with terraced fields and flushed by clear streams. Sidestepping the bovine traffic and the occasional cowpat could be the only thing distracting your eyes from the gorgeous scenery.The village itself has been partially dolled up for domestic tourism, but on its fringes the feeling survives of a pleasant riverside minority Miao village where wood-constructed and highly affordable hotels turn Dehang into an inexpensive and alluring retreat. Avoid the inauthentic, tourist-crowded-oriented Dehang Miao zhai hub where evening shows are staged, and keep to the narrow lanes and riverside views of the old village leading to the arched Jielong bridge (Jielong qiao), where old folk decked out in blue-clothed Miao outfits and bamboo baskets cluster and cows and water buffalo wander quietly around chewing the cud. Occasional Maoist slogans from the cultural revolution make an appearance, old men thread together baskest from strips of bamboo and Miao weavers sit hunched over mills, creating colourful cloth for attractive cotton late afternoon drive 30 minutes to Jishou city and visit Qianzhou ancient town.It is one of twin town on China south great wall (the other one is Fenghuang ancient town), located in Jishou city,originated in 4000 years ago, important commercial portal in Qin & Han dynasty 2000 years ago, and important military monitoring station on China south great wall in Ming & Qing dynasty 400 years ago. there is a famous rustic corner called "Hujiatang" in the ancient town that many local people live here generation after generation, the architecture keep good shape of Ming and Qing dynasty 400 year ago, now many art masters of intangible minority culture live here like tujia embroidery, drum king of Miao people, hand dance of Tujia minority people and paintings, they are dedicated to the conservation of the intangible culture relics."Baigongfan" art and crafts workshop is sketch of the people in western Hunan.

Accommodation: Jishou city Hotel

Day 5Hangwu miao village-Furong Tujia people old town

Drive 1.5 hours to Hangwu miao village, the visit will be 2 hours and Furong Tujia people old town, the visit is 2 hours.Hangwu Miaozhai, it means beautiful village beside stream in the valley, located in the half way from Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang, there are 292 households in the village with the population of 1204 persons, their houses are kept in good shape of miao minority wooden stilted house,they still speak miao language because of the islation,they are good at singing, dancing and play drum beat, the bigges drum in the world now is in Hangwu miao village, there are some master of black magic live here.Furong Town is originally named Wangcun. It is an ancient town where Tujiazu people live together. Until now, in the town, pavement laid with black flagstones and ancient domestic house (mainly Diaojiaolou) are well preserved. The famous movie Furong Town directed by Xiejin is shot here. At Furong  Town, you must take the local specialty, “rice tofu.”It is said that the most genuine shop is in the vicinity of torii. That shop is the rice tofu shop in the movie, Drive 80 km to Zhangjiajie city.

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Other tips

Comfortable sport shoes are advisable

Take your personal disposable things, like the shampoo, shower lotion, brush paste ,teeth brush, etc. (Many of the hotels in Hunan province do not provide disposable things for the environmental protection.