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2 Days tour to Fenghuang ancient city and Furong town(Hibiscus town)

Zhangjiajie+Fenghuang Tours 2016/01/14 View:5233

Day1Attractions: Fenghuang ancient city

In the morning Your guide meet you at Zhangjiajie hotel,Then 4-hour drive to Fenghuang ancient city from Zhangjiajie city,In a round the clock siege from Chinese tourist.the Taiping of the modern age,this fascinating riverside town of ancient city walls and gate towers, houses on the stilts overlooking the river and hoary temples dotted about the old town can easily fill a couple of days. Home of a lively population of the Miao and Tujia minorities, Strolling willy-nilly is the best way to see Fenghuang. Many of the back alleys in the old town maintain an intriguing charm, a treasure trove of old family pharmacists, traditional shops, temples, ancestral halls and crumbling dwellings. Restored fragments of the city wall lie along the south bank of the Tuo  River in the old town and a few dilapidated chunks survive elsewhere.

Day2Attractions: Hibiscus town

2-hour drive to Hibiscus Town from Fenghuang ancient city.Furong Ancient  Town, Furong (Hibiscus) Town is originally named Wangcun. It is an ancient town where Tujiazu people live together. Until now, in the town, pavement laid with black flagstones and ancient domestic house ( mainly Diaojiaolou ) are well preserved. The famous movie Furong Town directed by Xiejin is shot here. At Furong Town, you must take the local specialty, “rice tofu.”It is said that the most genuine shop is in the vicinity of torii. That shop is the rice tofu shop in the movie.The scenery in the town has unique bearing. Shops with trap doors are on the both sides of five-mile street of black flagstone. Tujia Diaojiaolou (stilted house) are set up against the slope. The simple bearing of Tujiazu is very charming. In the Warring States Period, “Xizhou Copper Pillar” set as a war covenant made between the emperor of Chu, Maxifan and the King of headman remains as before. On “Xizhou Copper Pillar”, key cultural relic under state protection, more than 2300 characters are inscribed, the covenant of dismissing troops and reconciling made between the emperor of Chu, Maxifan and the King of headman in 940 A.D. is recorded. It is a precious object data of studying nation relation in ancientChina. Besides, there is Wangcun waterfall which is about 60 meters high and 70 meters wide here. Walking behind the hanging screen of the waterfall is like placing oneself in a crystal palace.In the afternoon we return to zhangjiajie city.

Fenghuang ancient city (admission148) Furong (Hibiscus) town(admission80)