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Wulingyuan Zhuanjiacun Hotel

Wulingyuan Hotels 2017/11/22 View:8104
  • Rate:★★★★
  • Price:¥380
  • Tel:+86 744-8362222
  • Address:Wuling Avenue, Wulingyuan district
  • Nearby:Park entrance Baofenghu Yellow dragon cave
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Zhuanjiacun Hotel is located in Wulingyuan scenic District, Facing picturesque scenic spots---Baizhanxia gorge and   Baofeng Lake , has a easy approaches to Yellow dragon cave and Tianzi Mount.

Most tour teams we served are those fromTaiwan,Japan,South Koreaand Southeast  Asia . From June 1985 to now, we also served many party leaders, national leaders and foreign leaders; its quality service has been highly appraised by these leaders.

Zhuanjiacun Hotel is a comprehensive hotel covering services such as boarding, food and beverage, entertainment, shopping and so on. It has one multi-function banquet hall and five meeting rooms, a sauna and massage center, an entertainment center, fashion shops, a business center and a travel agency. Guests staying here will find it convenient, safe and comfortable.

Hotel Reservation:

Room Type



Single   Room

US$50 (CNY320)

US$58 (CNY380)

Deluxe   Standard Room

US$50 (CNY320)

US$58 (CNY380)

Deluxe   Single Suite

US$153 (CNY980)

US$188 (CNY1200)

Book tips:

1.High-season: March01-November 30

2.Off-season: December 01- February 28(Next year)

3.Holidays: May(01-05); Oct (01-07); The Spring Festival (01-07) Mid-autumn festival

4.Booking Notes: Our website supports online booking,also we help you saving time & worry & money, and doing integrity price & quality service...