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When is the best time to visit zhangjiajie?

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2011-5-03- 19:07

)W+[+D%lB0The sceneries in zhangjiajie differ from season to season, you can have different experiences in different time. We have lots of rain in spring, everything is starting to become green and fresh, the temperature is beautiful during that time, not too cold and too hot. Spring is good for you if you do not want to meet the crowds. Sumer is quite hot and the temperature can reach to 39 degree centigrade, there are lots of domestic tourists due to the summer holiday, the scenery is fantastic and marvelous if you are lucky enough to run into a after-rain scenery.  Autumn is a nice to come, weather is wonderful and not many people. The mountains look  so wonderful when covered by snow in winter, you can see the unique ice engraving, but it is quite cold and freezing, you have to pay much attention when walking.Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website,Avatar Toptour-English Website in China7O~Q*] ^3gL:}CjT2P

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